J Genomics 2013; 1:1-4. doi:10.7150/jgen.3276 This volume


Adipogenesis: It Is Not Just Lipid That Comprises Adipose Tissue

Michael V. Dodson1✉, Zhihua Jiang1, Min Du1, Gary J. Hausman2

1. Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164, USA
2. USDA-ARS, Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Station, Athens, GA 30604, USA

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Dodson MV, Jiang Z, Du M, Hausman GJ. Adipogenesis: It Is Not Just Lipid That Comprises Adipose Tissue. J Genomics 2013; 1:1-4. doi:10.7150/jgen.3276. Available from https://www.jgenomics.com/v01p0001.htm

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Adipogenesis is the initial component of forming cells (adipocytes) capable of assimilating lipid. Lipid metabolism is a metabolic process whereby lipid is stored for use when energy is required. Both processes involve cellular and molecular components. The gene regulations of each are different and (yet) confusingly, markers for both are used interchangeably. The focus of this paper is to provide elementary information regarding both processes and to introduce this issue of Journal of Genomics, whereby important aspects of adipogenesis and lipid metabolism involving gene expression are provided.

Keywords: Adipogenesis, Lipid Metabolism, Gene Regulation